2013–2015 / UI+UX DESIGNER
Kick out the jams
I co-led the design of Groove Music, a music player app that seamlessly merged a user's local music files, with a streaming service offering millions of songs and music videos. The app shipped inbox on Windows and Xbox, and was available on iOS and Android.
This project marked my first foray into working with and contributing to a comprehensive design system, spanning multiple devices. Together with my design partner, we considered every aspect of the app, accommodating diverse screen sizes and ensuring optimal performance on low-cost phones. As we progressed, we provided feedback to the design system, which other teams designing Windows 10 apps would adopt and vice versa.
'Quickplay' experience that would offer playlists curated for you
Although the Groove Music service was discontinued in 2018, it continues to resonate with many devoted fans, even today, who appreciate its intuitive user experience and minimalist design. 
Your library sorted by artist name
Xbox Music Achievements on Xbox
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